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About Us

Thank you for checking out our website!

This site is run by Rosie virtualbeetle and Latimer frillshark. The coding for the site specifically is maintained by Rosie.

We're in our mid-twenties and engaged. Both of us are nonbinary, some flavor of lesbian, and on T as of March 8, 2023! We're both primarily digital artists, and recently have been branching out and trying our hand at written works as well. Both of us are pretty new to sharing our NSFW content online, so please be nice! If you don't like what you see, please don't insult our work - just leave!

We created this website for ourselves after getting fed up with the way other hosting sites' communities would interact with our works. We just decided, those sites aren't really for us! But we still want to share our works online, so, here they are!

At some point, I will go back and make some sort of official NSFW Commissions page. In the meantime, if you're interested in a NSFW comm, feel free to message either of us on our tumblrs for examples and a direct quote!

We're both pretty kink-friendly! There are a few things you will NEVER see here, though. Here is a short list of content we will refuse to even remotely entertain: dubcon, noncon, zoophilia, underage. Feel free to reach out and ask if we would take commissions of any other specific kink!

Entries (stories, art) on this website will be marked if it was made by Rosie or Latimer, and will be given non-functioning tags to disclose what kind of content they contain! I would do actual functioning tags but I can't figure out how to code that ^^; so instead, it's just aesthetic only! Sorry for the inconvenience!

Anyway, feel free to click around and check out our stuff! :D Thanks for visiting!